Announcement: Participle 1.1 Available on Unity Asset Store

Participle has been updated to version 1.1 and now includes support for attaching game objects to particles.  Here’s a sample video to give you the idea.  The full list of version 1.1 updates is below.

Version 1.1 Updates:

  • Add particleID to the data passed on a particle death event – DeathEventInfo.

Useful if the client has utilized the particleID for constructing/indexing their own data structures.  Note that this particleID is only valid for the duration of the event callback, as the particle in question has died and its tracked data in the event dispatcher is about to be removed.

  • Add support for attaching game objects to particles via script.

One or more game objects can be attached to a particle and track the position of the particle either by a position with offset or by following at a specified distance. Attached game objects can be retrieved at any time and also removed.  The Example scenes Attached_To_Follow, Attached_To_Position and Attached_Space_Bugs demonstrate the use of this feature.

  • Add support for triggering events by particle Speed.

This trigger will use the total velocity of a particle to calculate its speed, including both the physics velocity and animated velocity (e.g. Velocity Over Lifetime) components.   The Example scene Speed_Bounce demonstrates the use of this feature.  Also includes the convenience method GetTotalVelocity() that enables fetching the total velocity of a particle (physics + animated) for pre-2017.3 versions of Unity.


Learn more about Participle here.

View Participle on the Asset Store.

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