Welcome to Our Home

Welcome to the new home of Cogent Whir!  Have a look around and make yourself comfortable.

We decided it was time for a new set of digs for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to relocate to a new home that is more spacious, inviting and, frankly, modern.  I don’t know if you ever visited the old place, but let’s face it–the old site was the virtual equivalent of living in a single-person inflatable prospector’s hut on the airless and radioactive moon of Betelgeuse V.  Whoa!  Do be careful where you put that mining pick.

This place, though… well, see for yourself.  Here we nestle snugly amongst the rolling, purple granite hills of lovely Procyon IV.  Across the teal sky overhead the orange flare clouds drift lazily, occasionally blessing us with a luminescent shower of fizzing spark water.  In the distance, a copse of tremendous feverfern plants thrusts to the heavens, a carnelian jungle over which the copterflies dart and whirl, the rays of the setting sun reflecting from their multicolored opalescent exoskeletons, as though a myriad of iridescent gemstones had sprouted wings and taken flight.

Pretty spiffy, eh?  And hardly any radiation.  The domicile itself is much improved, too.  Made of the finest nanocarbon composites, our new abode is artfully formed to resemble the discarded shell of the giant conk snail, allowing it to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environs.  Maybe even a bit too harmoniously.  There was that incident with the actual, apparently amorous, conk snail.  Still, I am assured by the local xenobiologist that conk snails mate only once every few decades.  I do hope she’s right.  It took days to clean the slime off the windows.

Anyway… do have a look around and see what we’re up to.  The place is still new, but over time we’ll be furnishing it with new art on the walls, new tools in the workshop and new toys on the floor.

Until next time… Imagine. Create. Repeat.

Spark water soda, anyone?

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