1. convincing or believable by virtue of forcible, clear, or incisive presentation; telling
  2. to the point; relevant; pertinent


  1.  to fly, revolve, or move rapidly with a whir
  2. to move or transport (a thing, person, etc.) with a whirring sound


  1. the act of whirring


  1. Making stuff via intellect, imagination, heart and persistence. Iteratively. 
  2. Imagine. Create. Repeat.

James "Malveka" Allen

James has been developing software for a number of years. A large number of years. The kind of number that entitles him to say “Back in my day…” and then people start falling asleep. We’ll skip that part.

James is a veteran software developer with a deep love of abstract imagery, visual effects and music. He sees the meeting place of modern technology and traditional media as fertile ground for exploring the beauty of nature, the mystery of the cosmos and the wonder of human creativity.  Over the years he has written software for NASA to aid in the analysis of moon rocks and configure the International Space Station. During the course of a 33 year career with IBM and other high-tech firms, he held the roles of programmer, designer and software architect, leading teams to digitally simulate the behavior of integrated circuit chips, test printed circuit boards and develop user-friendly graphical interfaces. More recently he worked in the sphere of mobile application development, exploring ideas in interactive visual experiences, via software such as his iPad app Spiralocity –  a “sketchbook” for creating animated visual effects in 3D space.

James is of the opinion that there has never been a more exciting time to be a software developer than right now.

When not developing software, James conducts a stormy relationship with writing, and currently has a science fiction novel awaiting yet another round of editing. He’s written songs, both solo and in collaboration with his wife and creative partner, Jande. Occasionally he attempts to perform them on his guitar. He also enjoys kayaking, biking, cross country skiing, reading, fencing, and, of course, playing games