Gallery – Tides of Time

Tides of Time

2020 - Mysterium Series - Glass Art Collaboration with Eric Hilton

This is our most recent addition to the Mysterium series of works.  It is an exploration of the cycles of nature with which we are all quite familiar – the changing of the seasons, the dance of sun and moon, the rising and falling of the tides. Each season, each sunrise, each sunset, each surging wave upon the beach is at once both familiar and unique, recognized and yet novel. In these scenes we know so well it seems there is an inextricable mingling of the feelings of wonder they invoke and the ways in which our experience of them is both like and unlike all previous encounters. It is in this space of known and unknown that we strive to create our art.

The Mysterium series is a collection of collaborative works by Eric Hilton and James Allen. Each piece evokes the sense of curiosity and awe that we feel as we experience the universe around us and the universe within us – a sense that we are surrounded and permeated by mystery, which is a source of profound wonder. In these works we explore a mysterious realm in which glass and digital imagery create a journey through an ever changing landscape of form and light.